Crafting Connections With Good Coffee

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Best Friend Coffee Co. offers classic espresso based beverages in addition to other specialty drinks designed to bring the third-wave coffee experience to your event.

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Crafting Connections With Good Coffee

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Only The Best Ingredients

We believe in serving the best ingredients we can find.

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Tasting Notes: Berry, Chocolate, Creamy
Current Components: 60% Washed Colombia La Victoria | 40% Natural Colombia - Gaitania

We serve a seasonal blend intended to be enjoyed as both espresso and drip. The components of this blend change seasonally to include the freshest coffees possible, always featuring two coffees that are "companions"; similar but different enough to come together and make something more than the sum of their parts.  No matter what the current components are, we think you'll find this coffee to be the perfect companion to your morning routine, whatever it may be.

We serve syrups made with natural botanicals, no artificial preservatives (all acids used are derived from food, similar to traditional jam jar preservation), and are sourced ethically from farms and direct trade partners.

We serve a chai that's microbrewed with freshly milled spices, hand picked organic single estate teas, and 100% sweetened with honey making it a health conscious and delicious treat.

Tasting Notes: Cherry Blossom, Sesame, Toasted Rice
Variety: Blend of Yabukita, Okuyutaka, Saemidori, and Okumidori

We serve one of the freshest matchas on the market. This ground-to-order blend is abundant in chlorophyll, gentle caffeine and amino acids. The shade grown tea leaves are deveined and stone ground into a fine powder, then whisked with a small amount of water until a fine froth appears.

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