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At Best Friend Coffee Co., every cup is a story, and every customer becomes a friend. We invite you to join us on this journey, to share in our love of coffee, and to be a part of the story we're brewing, one cup at a time.

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Our story begins with roots in Massachusetts, where the idea of crafting an unparalleled coffee experience first sparked. Life brought us to West Virginia, and with that move, the dream of Best Friend Coffee Co. was reborn – a testament to our belief that good coffee and great company can turn any place into home. Our venture is more than just a business; it's a love letter to our daughters, showcasing the beauty of building something meaningful from the ground up.

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At Best Friend Coffee Co., we pride ourselves on being the highest quality mobile coffee option in the region. Our secret? It's not just the coffee—it's the hospitality. We've partnered with Little Wolf Coffee, a like-minded roastery from Massachusetts whose philosophy resonates with ours: a passion for quality, a commitment to sourcing the finest beans, and the belief that coffee tastes best shared with friends.

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Looking ahead, our dreams are as bold as our brews. We envision a fleet of carts spreading the joy of coffee across this beautiful state, and eventually, a brick-and-mortar cafe that serves as our community's "watering hole." Our ultimate aspiration is to contribute to the economic vitality of our area through a dedicated roastery, fostering local jobs and continuing to build connections within our community.

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